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Polycystic ovarian syndrome and low carb (or 15 kilos in 2 months, among other things)

Yep, I lost 15 kilos (more than 30 pounds) in two months… But it’s not just about my weight. My mood has dramatically improved.  I sleep like a brick and wake up full of energy and eager to face whatever the world has to offer. I’m not hungry all the time anymore. I actually look forward to working out. I am cheerful and in a good mood. Not sure if you’ll be able to appreciate, but that was definitely not the case when I was taken the picture below at the Fontana di Trevi.

But I was lucky! It all made sense when one happy day I read that polycystic ovarian syndrome was just another manifestation of the ubiquitous metabolic syndrome i.e. insulin resistance: my weight gain, my fatty liver, my apathy, my recently acquired food allergies, my everlasting rashes, my stratospheric inflammation markers and my years of depression. I could have avoided a couple of decades of side effects to the disastrous anticonceptive pill had any single one of the dozens of gynecologists/dermatologists/endocrine specialists I consulted told me that my symptoms would substantially improve just by keeping my insulin levels low. I only had to switch to a diet which was low in carbs, moderate in proteins and generous in good fats: a real nutrient dense and antiinflammatory diet. That was all.

If you find yourself in the same situation, know that it is absolutely not your fault. You are not some slothful glutton whiner. You suffer from an endocrine-metabolic chronic disease, the symptoms of which significantly improve by avoiding foods that promote inflammation and insulin spikes. I have gone from being a depression treated apathetic coach potato weighing 80 kilos (around 180 pounds) to a northern lights’ chaser driving a 10 husky sledge in the middle of a snow storm across the Norwegian Lyngen Alps. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose!

About me

How did this blog come into being? Just like many things in life – by pure chance. My beloved elder brother got me a book: The Art & Science of Low CarbIMG_0815ohydrate Living, by Volek & Phinney. I was certainly overweight, so I made up my mind and gave it a chance. Little after, I realised that sticking to a low carb diet made me feel great. But I won’t lie: I still somewhat miss my carbs (paellas, IMG_0824sandwiches,  pizzas, french fries and maccarroni). But auto-suggestion is powerful: I try and minimise nostalgia through some “mimicries” with varying degree of success. I don’t intend to preach upon this kind of diet nor argue about its pros and cons or the challenges of an eventual massive distribution. IMG_0793I have no other aim than to share the triumphs and failures of a personal epopeya in search of yummy low-carb versions of my missed carbohydrates. Hopefully, some of these inventions will help you overcome your carb cravings!