Modo noche

Today I received a gift that made me weep with emotion: a beautiful starmap that shows the sky over the happiest moment of my life.

This precious gift has inspired in me a delight that reflects the portentous feeling that invaded me when I knew I had won a battle against cancer… and I stumbled upon my vocation*.



(*) At that moment, I realized that the purpose of my life would have to be to help spread the power of nutritional therapy and do my bit in the fight against cancer.

As for the delicious starry soup, it’s one of my usual two-colour soups, but with the particularity that it emulates a beautiful sky full of stars. It is a tasty cream of red cabbage happily starred with spoonfuls of leek cream.



It is a super easy, paleo, vegan, low carb and nutritious beautiful dish to accompany a desire to the stars. Mine is to witness the definitive and universal eradication of cancer. Hopefully sooner than expected!

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